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GFI Mail Essentials and Symantec's SMSMSE on same server?

Hi experts, here is my problem.

We are currently running Symantec's Mail Security for exchange (v4.6 if I'm not mistaken) but have now acquired GFI Mail Essentials to fight spam.

Is it ok to have both softwares running on the same server? Since there are some options available only if GFI is installed in the Exchange itself, this is where we would like to have it installed. We arent considering uninstalling SMSMSE because it also has an anti-virus and we didnt get the GFI's anti-virus solution and I dont we will be able to.

Another option would be to leave the anti-virus part of SMSMSE and have GFI deal with spam, but not sure if that would work either since I havent been able to find documentation.

If both could run on same server, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

PS It is Exch 2003 Ent Ed.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Personally, I would seriously stick with one product. MailEssentials (for spam) and MailSecurity (for virus).....or your Symantec. I don't use Symantec products, but don't they have an antispam solution? Why can't you get MailSecurity?

I have both MailEssentials and MailSecurity on my exchange server and it works very well. These Antivirus/Antispam programs that run on your exchange servers are tightly integrated with exchange and exchange is tightly integrated with AD. I can imagine conflicts with two different programs.

Another expert may have experience with running these two combos though....

Yes, Symantec has an antispam but we dont have the "premium" and the one we have didnt provide the results we were looking for. Thats pretty much the reason why we went with GFI.

Getting Mail Security would mean more costs and at this moment it will be tough to get that money, especially since we already have the antivirus of SMSMSE.
Michael Worsham

The GFI product is much better in the way that it approaches spam and other e-mail nasties. I recommend getting rid of the Symantec software for one it will have to compete with the GFI application and, two, also will cause underlying memory and CPU problems later on.

Another option would be to scrap both of them and look at Kaspersky's Open Space Suites, which can be geared for your environment, based on what you exactly need to protect (i.e. servers, workstations, gateways, etc):

Experts Exchange has (a) saved my job multiple times, (b) saved me hours, days, and even weeks of work, and often (c) makes me look like a superhero! This place is MAGIC!
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