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Windows PE 2.0 (Adding multiple NIC Drivers)


I'm trying to find a way to add a whole lot of NIC drivers to a WinPE image all at once.  I have resources that I used for BartPE, for Bart I would download UBCD4Win Net Drivers from http://downloads.littlbuger.info/index.php?dlid=827.  This would give me a bunch of drivers that I used to be able to just add with a click of a button.  

I'd like to find some way I can do this with WinPE.  I've researched it, and I know that the blow commands can add a driver to the WinPE image, but only one at a time.  Any Suggestions?

peimg /inf=path to driver\driverfile.inf /image=c:\Temp\Mount
peimg /inf=path to driver\driverfile\*.inf /image=c:\Temp\Mount      
Windows Vista

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