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Remote Desktop into VMware virtual servers

I have set up a Dell PowerEdge 2500 as a test server for "learning" to use VMware. The Dell PE2500 has Windows 2003 installed and the VMware installation includes four separate Windows 2003 installations...so I have my host server (Vir1) and four separate virtual servers running on top of that (Vir1-S1, Vir1-S2, Vir1-S3, Vir1-S4).

What I'm trying to do (but can't yet) is to be able to set up the four guest servers using NAT. My host server is connected and running on our network domain but when I try to install NAT, I get a message that says "Windows was unable to add this computer to the list of valid remote access servers in the Active Directory. Before you can use this computer as a remote access server, the domain administrator must complete this task".

I'm not wanting to set up as a remote access server...just want to use NAT so I can have four seperate servers running off this one Dell PE2500.
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