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Access Dlookup Help

Im using Dlookup to validate user info when someone uses my database.
I have a table that has fields for name, windows logon, access level, and manager
I am trying to use dlookup to return the manager of the name typed in to some text boxes but i keep getting an error.  

here is my code:

Dim fullName As String
Dim manager As String

DoCmd.GoToControl "txtFirstName"
fullName = Me.txtFirstName.Text
DoCmd.GoToControl "txtLastName"
fullName = fullName & " " & Me.txtLastName.Text

manager = DLookup("[Manager]", "Access", "[First_Name] = " & fullName)

when it runs i get a syntax error 3075 - missing operator
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manager = DLookup("[Manager]", "Access", "[First_Name] = '" & Replace(fullName,"'","''") & "'"
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manager = DLookup("[Manager]", "Access", "[First_Name] = '" &Me.txtFirstName &"'")

manager = DLookup("[Manager]", "Access", "[First_Name] = '" & Me.txtFirstName &"' and [Last_name]='" & Me.txtLastName &"'")
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Thanks for the help...I know it looks wierd putting a variable fullName into a field named First_Name but that is just because i revised my table but havent changed some of the field names to make them more accurate.