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Mini DV video editor

i have a leptop with 30gb total space.
i need a software-program that will allow me to edit my minidv cassettes on it.

most programs i use convert the file than i create to 40gb+ files...
and i got not enought space...

can someone recoment a good program?
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i have usb2
and all my video is 30min...
wich will be 3 after i will edit it...
fine, usb2 is adequate. all you need is an external drive as i suggested.

whether 30mins or 3mins, it's NOT advisable to work with video files on the same drive as you OS system is on, it's asking for problems.

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how can i work without the OS system on?
i need my XP to run some editor software...

*do you mean i better download all the minidv cassette to an external harddrive
and than unplug the camera and start editing from the hardrive?
you run your pc as normal - you simply capture your tapes to the external hd., and then edit using the stored files on it.
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and what video editor shell i use?
something easy and light...
free - movie maker - light and easy

if you want to buy, what's your budget?

you can download free trials of nearly all the various nle's available.

the most popular being at consumer level being (i think) ulead, premiere elements, vegas movie studio. but's there's a lot more out there. talk to anyone you know who does some editing and get their opinion.

i use vegas, my daughter premier, my best friend avid, so it's horses for courses.
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so if i will download all the dv into the external hd, wich will be connected via usb2.-that won't slow things?
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last q- what program will extract the video to the minimal size?

my goal is to publish the video on web
what kind of format do yousuggest to extract to?
edit your original (ie, the captured avis) on the time line, then once you have your final piece, export to either mp4, flv, or quicktime. your nle should give you a choice.

alternatively, check what youtube / vimeo / rever suggest as an up load format - they probably know what they're talking about.
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Hi Forrest_Gump, I have uploaded lots of videos to youtube and it' really simple
What software do you currently?
Have you defragged yoru hard drive?
Are you using a firewire to import these minidv?
check this one from EE

 keep the video file size around 10 megs with a video scale of 320X240.
otherwise it takes a very long time to upload to youtube.
Do you have an account there yet?
It's free.
create yoru account there first.
YouTube accepts a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG transferred from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones.

If you don't think your current video file format is recognized by YouTube, you may get the best results from converting your file to MPEG4 video with MP3 audio.

in my honest opinion and experience
there is no need to import your videos from your camera to an external hard drive especially if you dont have one either.
As this is just a small job dont worry about complicating it.
Import your video just one at a time to save space if 30 gig is not enough.
Dont import all of them at once.

Windows movie works a treat for what you want it's pretty simple.
Also nero Vision
Also Super video converter
Grab your first video and drop it onto Super video converter select mpeg1 from the output container set the video scale tp 320x240 audio mono to decrease the out put size.
then r/click the interface and set the save to location, I like the desktop.
then go away while it does it. You''ll see the black line gradually draw across as it converts it.
Here's a small guide to using Super
and here
download super here at the bottom

youtube Help Center on Your Videos Making Videos
Uploading Videos to YouTube
or watch videos

If you have any questions fire away
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