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object type system.data.datarowview - No Mapping exists... what does that mean??

I have a sql command that inserts data into a table and a then I show that data in a datagridview.  I can execute the query independently no problem... but something else is messing it up.

Each time I try to insert the data I get an error that I have no idea what it means.

"No mapping exists from object type System.Data.DataRowView to a known managed provider native type."

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Bob Learned
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Bob Learned
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What line of code is causing the problem?
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It fails when it tries to execute the query... on this line " rowCount1 = Sqlinsertboxinfo.ExecuteNonQuery() "

While I was debugging all the data is present but it fails on the execution... even though if I run the same query in SQL 2005 and enter the paramaters in manually... it works.
    Dim weight As Double = CType(TextBox9.Text, Double)  ' lbs
                    Dim tare As Double = CType(TextBox8.Text, Double)  ' lbs
                    Dim samplesize As Integer = ComboBox4.Text  ' #
                    Dim sampleweight As Double = CType(TextBox3.Text, Double) 'oz
                    Dim weightozperpeice As Double = sampleweight / samplesize  ' oz
                    Dim boxqty As Integer
                    Dim counter As Integer = 0
                    Dim boxinsert As Integer = CType(TextBox1.Text, Integer)
                    Do Until counter = CType(TextBox1.Text, Integer)
                        If counter = boxinsert Then Exit Do
                        counter += 1
                        boxqty = (weight - tare) / (weightozperpeice / 16)
                        ' to boxes table
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@lognumber", CType(vlognumber, Integer))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@materialnumber", CType(currentmaterialnumber, Integer))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@boxnumber", CType(counter, Integer))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@barcodeidentity", CType(currentmaterialnumber & "-" & counter, String))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@boxqty", CType(boxqty, Integer))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@weight", CType(TextBox9.Text, Decimal))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@tare", CType(TextBox8.Text, Decimal))
                        ' to materials table
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@category", ComboBox1.SelectedValue).ToString()
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@type", ComboBox2.SelectedValue).ToString()
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@size", ComboBox3.SelectedValue).ToString()
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@matimage", matimage).ToString()
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@comments", TextBox2.Text).ToString()
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@boxesingroup", CType(TextBox1.Text, Integer))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@sampleweight", CType(TextBox3.Text, Double))
                        Sqlinsertboxinfo.Parameters.AddWithValue("@samplesize", CType(ComboBox4.Text, Integer))
                        Dim rowCount1 As Integer
                        Dim previousConnectionState2 As ConnectionState
                        previousConnectionState2 = SqlConnection1.State
                            If SqlConnection1.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then
                            End If
                            rowCount1 = Sqlinsertboxinfo.ExecuteNonQuery()
                            If previousConnectionState2 = ConnectionState.Closed Then
                            End If
                        End Try

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Bob Learned
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If you take a step back, and look at the process, what is that code meant to do?
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what do you mean?  It's suppose to take all the supplied parameters and insert them into my table.  I have never had this problem before and I am using the same process... so there must be something I am missing.

I was just hoping someone knew what that error code meant so I can find the issue quicker.
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Bob Learned
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