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how to resolve sybase error 1067 & do upgrade to EBF11449

I'm installing the base version of ASE 12.5 on a new host the OS is (Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2).  I am experienced with Sybase but new to it on the Windows platform.

I installed the software and ran the syconfig utility to create the new ASE. The first problem occurs during the Creation, the utility can't start the ASE server, see the attached Word doc for the error messages.  When I try to  start the service it gets a 1067 error, apparently this is something common since I found many refererences to it via a Google search.  Those post say to start the ASE via command line which doesn't work for me or to do an upgrade which I'm not sure how to do and I think requires the ASE to be started.

I've also attached the error log from the ASE your help is appreciated,


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Joe Woodhouse

Hmm. Interesting. From the errorlog, it seems the ASE was in fact built correctly. Not sure why syconfig is spitting the dummy.

When you don't yet have an ASE instance created, upgrading the software is as simple as overwriting the binaries. There's not reason not to immediately take your 12.5 baseline (which sadly is pretty broken!) up to latest and greatest 12.5.4 plus whatever ESD we're up to now.

There is a world of difference between 12.5 baseline and the current releases - and not just bugfixes, but some significant features. Go straight to 12.5.4 + patch, don't fool around with a version that has serious issues.
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Unfortunately I can't go to 12.5.4 right now but hopefully in the near future.

I just wanted to confirm what you meant by "overwriting the binaries" because I
am new to Sybase on NT. I have the files for EBF1149 as a zip file should I go ahead
and overwrite the existing binaries from the base install ?


Ah, too bad re. ASE 12.5.4. Good luck with that argument. 8-)

And yes, unzipping into your Sybase directory (don't forget to tell the zip to overwrite files!) is all you need to you when you don't actually have an ASE instance built yet. (If you did, you'd then need to start it and run two scripts - instmstr and instmsgs.ebf under Windows).
After copying over the EBF11449 files I still get a 1067 error when starting Sybase.

I alos tried to start it from the command line with no sucess, see the details below ????

C:\sybase\ASE-12_5\bin>sqlsrvr.exe -sDBIDCSWNJ001 -C
00:00000:00000:2008/07/21 12:06:12.27 kernel  NT operating system error 1063 in
module 'e:\rel12503\porttree\svr\sql\nt386\source\demo\scm_nt.c' at line 294: Th
e service process could not connect to the service controller.
00:00000:00000:2008/07/21 12:06:12.29 server  Attempt to dispatch SQL Server by
Service Control Manager failed.

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this problem.

Hmm. Is this starting the same Sybase you built earlier? I'd suggest building a new one from scratch using the new patch.
I've pushed the boulder a little farther up the hill by following Joe's last suggestion. I was able to get the ASE up and running using the EBD11446 version however there are still a few issues I need to ask for help.

There was an error creating the XP server here are the errors that appeared in the config log file:
07/22/08 09:53:24 AM Running task: set the XP Server for the Adaptive Server.
07/22/08 09:53:24 AM SQL command: sp_addserver DBIDCSWNJ001_XP, NULL,
07/22/08 09:53:24 AM Task succeeded: set the XP Server for the Adaptive Server.
07/22/08 09:53:24 AM Running task: update XP Server entry in registry.
07/22/08 09:53:41 AM INTERNAL ERROR: could not create Service Control Manager
                     entry for Sybase Server 'DBIDCSWNJ001_XP'. Operating system
                     returned error: '
                     Operating system error = 1057'
07/22/08 10:06:30 AM Check the log (c:\sybase\ASE-12_5\init\logs\log0722.002)
                     for more information.  Please make a note of this error and
                     contact your Sybase representative.
07/22/08 10:06:38 AM Task failed: update XP Server entry in registry.
                     Terminating configuration.
07/22/08 10:06:38 AM Configuration failed.
07/22/08 10:08:02 AM 'c:\sybase\data\sybprocs.dat' is a regular file that
                     already exists; please remove it if you want to use it as a
                     device file
07/22/08 10:08:06 AM Attribute 'sybsystemprocs_device_physical_name' could not
                     be set because 'c:\sybase\data\sybprocs.dat' is an invalid
07/22/08 10:08:08 AM 'c:\sybase\data\master.dat' is a regular file that already
                     exists. It will be overwritten.
07/22/08 10:08:11 AM Cannot execute configuration because validation of input
                     values failed.


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Joe Woodhouse

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Joe thanks for your help...Andy
Good luck with it, hope it's all working now. It isn't supposed to be this difficult, honest. :)