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Spry Horizontal menu problems in IE7

Howdy all (again) --

I have a VERY imperfect page up, trying to customize the Spry Horizontal menu (with some success thanks to e-e), but IE isn't playing nicely (Firefox is fine).

URL is

Two things that I can't seem to solve:

1) the drop-down menus aren't positioned below the nav bar, they pop up vertically above it
2) it seems that ONLY the text is acting as an anchor to keep the menus active, not the whole box.

Relevant files are the above and these:

I know that it's pretty kludgy, but it works -- in FF. So while I appreciate general help (especially with the CSS), all I'm really after in this question are the two IE issues above. THANKS!
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Thanks Rouchie; I was just experiencing another issue with Spry and that reminded me to look back here. I've blown a lot of time on this but I always suspected that Spry was overkill... I'll definitely take a look at those freebies. Get back to you soon!
Hello again --

Almost solved, I think:

I'm at home on a Mac and can't get to a PC right now; if you have a chance I'd love confirmation that the new menu is working in IE.

Now all I need to do is eliminate the flickering from rolling down the menu where it's over the flash.

Points are your regardless. Thanks again!
It works well in IE7

I don't see any flickering either...!
Glad to hear it! I'm seeing it in FF3 for Mac. I'll check PC later.

For the record, and anyone else who comes across this... I used the Anylink CSS Menu ( modified as per this thread on the Dynamic Drive Forums:

Thanks again Rouchie!