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~~~URGENT~~~ Sending XML file


we need to send a xml file to a website, the manual only says

1. Create URL object
2. Create SSL socket for URL on Port 443
3. Open SSL connection for reading and writing
4. URL encode the XML payload into application/x-www-form-urlencoded format using UTF-8 encoding scheme
5. Set name/value pair string variable = "RequestData=<URL encoded XML payload>"
6. Convert name/value pair string to byte array
7. Set SSL Request Method to POST
8. Set "content-length" SSL Request Property to the size of the name/value pair byte array
9. Write the byte array to the SSL connection Output Stream
10. Read/Check the Response to SSL Connection Output Stream
11. Close the SSL connection

I have no clue and the "help desk" is not really helping, can I do this in vbscript/asp?  thx
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