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Unable to update BIOS or Embedded Controller Program


I have an IBM Thinkpad X40 laptop.  I currently have BIOS version 1.43 and Embedded Controller Version 1.32.  I am trying to upgrade both of these separately using the following programs:

BIOS update (Non-Diskette) - ThinkPad X40

Embedded Controller Program (Non-Diskette) - ThinkPad X40

I download and run them, go through the 4 step wizard and then the machine reboots.  The problem is that it doesn't update the BIOS or the ECP but it also doesn't tell me why or even tell me that it's failed.

Has anyone experienced this issue or know what causes this?  I am unable to do this via a diskette because I don't have a floppy drive on this model.
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Check your BIOS settings. Many BIOS have an option where you can tell the system to block BIOS updates. You might first have to enable BIOS updates in there before you can actually update it. Also, what is the reason you are updating the BIOS? If the new BIOS doesn't address a problem you are currently having, I wouldn't update, as if something goes wrong your PC will be unusable.
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I have checked the Bios settings and there is no the password option is disabled so there should be nothing blocking the update.

I have a couple of reasons for updating the BIOS:
The current BIOS version is extremely old
I added new compatible RAM but got blue screens and was advised to update the BIOS. I am also getting blue screen without this RAM.

I just want to update the BIOS so that this variable is covered.  I don't have any specific bugs that I want it to fix but I want to update it.
Other than the switch in the BIOS I don't know what else could be causing the BIOS upgrade from not working. Maybe there is a thinkpad utility that turns that function on and off? Also make sure that you have the exact BIOS upgrade for your PC. Sometimes when you try to use the wrong version it won't work.
I have the correct BIOS upgrade as noted in the links above.

I will try the IBM forums in the meantime to see see if there is another thinkpad utility that is blocking the BIOS update.
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