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I want my Apple keyboard to work on my non-Apple (Windows PC) just like on a Mac running Windows.

I would like to have my aluminum Mac keyboard work on my non-Apple PC running Windows.

SO far it works fine, but some of the keys don't work.  I understand that some software in BootCamp called "AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe" is supposed to make it work.  (I have an iMac too, and am not having issues with that.)

When I install this on the PC, it says successfully installed, but the extra keys on the Apple keyboard don't work.  Volume, eject, etc.  Also, the keyboard comes up in Device Manager as a "HID Keyboard Device", not an "Apple Keyboard" as expected.  Is there a way to make these work?

I am already aware that there exists keymapping utilities that can modify the Windows registry so it interprets the scan codes differently so some of the keys can be used.  However I'm looking to get the actual Apple software to work on the PC if possible, so it works just like it does on the iMac.

Thanks in advance

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