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Processor replacement

Howdy Experts,

While working on a Dell Dimension 2400, we got the bright idea to put a temp sensor on the processor.  Unfortunatley, while doing this we broke one of the pins on the processor.  Now the PC won't boot and I am in a world of trouble.

Can anyone help me with a replacement?  I found the part on Dell's site - but they want $320 for it and it is refurbished!  Is it possible to use a different manufacturer/model in this machine?  Cheaper is better....

The Dell store shows this:

All I know about the processor is: F1534 PROCESSOR, 80532, 2.53, 512K, 533, SOCKET N, DECISION ONE

Any help is appreciated.

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From what I can see it looks like a P4 Processor.  I would get one that is approx the same speed from either a local computer store, ebay or newegg.  My personal recommendation would be the local computer store.
If im not mistaken, I believe this is actually a socket 478 (it should say on the processor slot), and if this is the case you should be able to pickup another processor from someplace like newegg for less than $100
Here's one from newegg(only compatible one they have).
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The specs you need to know
2.53Ghz CPU speed
512Kb cache
Socket 478
533Mhz front side bus
The one jamietoner linked to will work.
There can be cheaper ones found on ebay, like this one
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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the great responses.  

SparkMaker - I like the low priced option, but I noticed the model numbers are different.  The one on ebay is SL6S2, but my old one is SL6PD.  Does that matter?  Should still work?

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Mark Poirier
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Awesome!  Thanks for all the help!