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Frontpage publishing help

(using frontpage 2003 for websites)
there is an asp page and it uses webbot to show the last updated date in its footer. the webbot is in another file called footer.htm and the asp page is just including the footer.htm to show the updated date each time the asp page is edited. now my q is:

1) when i save after i make changes in the asp page, the updated date does not appear sometimes in the footer, instead the last date remains there.( i have set the webbot tag properties to show the latest date when edited)

2) sometimes i manage to get the updated date in the footer after editing the asp page. at this time if i publish the page to my remote server, the updated date does not get published there! it still shows the old date in the footer. this is when i can see the correct updated date in my local machine in frontpage. but the update simply does not flow to the server after publishing it!!!

can u please tell me how to use this feature correcly so that the updated date is published correctly to the server? iam new to frontpage and am not sure of this.

thanks a lot!
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James Murrell
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because you edited the asp page not the footer that is why it does not update, i find it is sometimes best to not to have page updated in a footer and use the dwt in frontpage
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u r so right cs97jjm3. thanks for your reply. I wanted that reply to come up.

okay now since this is designed already by someone else, how can it be expected for the date to be updated just by editing the asp page alone? does it mean the author wants me to update the footer htm page every time and then make a publish? if that is so, what update ishould i make in footer page?

surprisingly when i view the asp page through preview option in my local without even editing the footer page, the correct updated date comes up in the preview! how is that happening then?
the preview in frontpage is strange never trust it...

if you just open the footer in frontapge it will change date and time : slight problem is that if footer used elsewhere it will show there too.

personally i would just have the code below table? guessing its a table, saying table updated : then date

i have done this on but with text above table
yes i get the point. i just tried it out and observed that unless i open and then save the footer, it doesnt update the date. the save needs to be done, i dunno why.

 moreover with  this i have to publish the entire website containing the footer. if i just opt to publish the changed file, it doesnot update after pub lish! the footer needs to be published too...
thats frontpage for you... at least you tried everything - only other way is to get rid of footers and have a dwt
ya i guess so. okie. can u tell me more about dwt. hw do i use it?
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James Murrell
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ok thanks for that.
i got a problem now. yestedray i was trying this date thing and since i didnt know how to use frontpage i think it accidenlty got published to the server. and the date in the footer was changed to 16th july and now it shows 16th july in all the pages using the footer. i need to revert the date back to what it was before. before it was some 28 feb 2004. but  how can i do that now?
in the footer can i manually insert the date as 28 feb in the webbot and save the footer and publish it again so that all pages show that 28 feb as date?
not a chance i am afraid....web-bots hold the data on the web server...