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Simple Free Chat program between computers?

I'm looking for a SIMPLE, free text chat program between computers on a network.  Must be GUI, of course.

PLEASE DO  ***NOT***  SAY --
1. Any microsoft software
2. any internet chat, like ICQ, Skype, Ichat, AIM, MSN messenger, Gmail, and on and on
3.  Anything with video, telephone, internet dialing and the like.

The idea here is for 2 people on the same network to text chat with almost NO system slow-down.  There was a program called DGDR Hermes that did this, but they have gone out of business.  Any other ideas?

It needs to install on start up, sit in the tray, and use essentially NO resources at all.  Any program that polls the internet frequently, and causes long system delays -- including MSN, ICQ, Skype and other "telephone over IP software" is not acceptable.  Almost ALL internet software will cause unacceptable system delays.

I always search before asking a question, so the best input will be from personal experience, some free program that does GUI text chat ONLY and nothing else, and has essentially no system impact at all?  Thx.
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Would this application be for an Microsoft Enviroment or other?
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Windows XP, sorry, I should have said that -- and I would like to add, nothing that uses M$ office plug ins.
Although, no personal experience.

Just a thought:
Sounds like what you are looking for will might utilize the built in Console Messaging or Net Send Services in XP.
Perhaps a newer version of the WinPopUp that was included on the 95/98 Operating Systems?

Wish I could be more help.
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Haven't tried it, but looks like is what you want:
tonic looks interesting, I will try it soon, but here is the latest link (the beta is no longer downloadable) --
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Have tested Tonic, and it does EXACTLY what we need.  A little cutesy on the cartoon chat, but one can put it to regular text.  Thanks VERY MUCH, Kutyi, this is the best and simplest answer I have had to a question of mine in a long time.

If you are game to try the internet follow up -- look at the next question --