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Viruses/Trojans causing havoc...START Button and task bar missing...all windows services have been disabled...sends SPAM

User opened a bad email and/or attachment that has opened up into a much bigger problem.

First system was attempting to send large amounts of SPAM. Then START button/task bar is now hidden. Check Services, all are not running except for about 7. I assume enough to keep it working. When you try to RESTART a service, it says file or location not found or dependency is missing.

Same issue in Normal and Safe Modes with multiple user accounts and ADMIN/Local logon.

Tried running SAV 10.1 client, finds nothing. Ran TrendMicro Housecall online yesterday and it just found some cookies. Ewido from some malware and removed. Tried loading AVG 8, fails with a message stating Windows Firewall Service not found and AVG service unable to start. After reboot now IE does not open any more, all network functions lost. I can get into REGEDIT/SERVICES/Browse the Hard drive and that is it. No programs will run, unless I start from task manager. except for IE which looks like it opens and closes right away.

I am going to pull the drive and run a full scan on it as a slave on another PC. I will add more details as I find them.

Trying to avoid a format and reload if possible. The office "tech" got a hold of the PC before me and ran all kinds of things and deleted some REG entries before I found out about the issue..

Hope I can salvage a few things. I will also try an XP repair to see if that fixes missing files and associations.

System is a DELL Optiplex and has a RESTORE XP PRO disc.

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