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Where to find the Cisco IOS i need

Hi Experts

I am starting on the CCNA study path and have obtained an 1841 series router. I need to install a Hwic1-Adsl interface in the router and have been told i will need an IOS version at a minimum of 12.4.04T, 12.4.06XE or 12.4.11XJ or XW.

Seeing as though I'm new to this process, I was just wondering where i get this IOS from as i don't have an account with CISCO and which version i should download?

Any help appreciated

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You need a TAC account to download CISCO software.  Call CISCO and see if they can help you.
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What's a TAC account?

I'm not enrolled in a CCNA course, just purchased a cheap 2nd hand router and a guide to start me off.

You need to be under a maintenance agreement.  Call CISCO and explain what you need from them for your model and why you need it and who knows they MAY oblidge.  you will not get the software ANYWHERE else.

Good Luck....:)
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Looks pretty cool....question the legality of it....but looks pretty cool.  Problem I see is that how can you be sure you won't damage your router by putting on some bad IOS.
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I never heard about a router damaged by using a "bad IOS", and remember that always you can revert to older or other IOS using ROM Monitor.
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Thanks Dacselat.

That's a good tool.
Hey Guys,

   I am a Cisco employee...

The best way that you can get is a IOS is ....

1)You have to go first to the web page.
2)You then have to register yourself by getting a CCO account.
3)After doing that you look at the top of the cisco page and go to sSupport.
5)You then should get a web page and you will see a download software button.
6)Then you will be taken toanother page with different choices.
7)Choice the router option and put the model and keep on following the instructions.

Their is one might be locked out and won't be able to download the software if you don't have a smartnet or service contract.

***It is a violation to have a software on the router that did not come from the proper channels.***

If you need the software here is my email: will help you.
i meant to say choose.....sorry typo...;)