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Div twice as high in IE6/7

My index page's lower div displays twice as high in IE6/7 then other browsers.

I tested my CSS and it came up with no errors..
i've also had a look through IE8 beta and curiously it displays at the correct height although the top margin is now twice as high?!?

How can i go about fixing this?
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My first recommendation would be fix a couple of the html errors you have, such a s the omitted
. Sometimes things like that can cause weird glitches to occur. If that doesn't help, I'll look further.
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Thanks, just went over it with html validator and have omitted the missing  still twice the height in IE though.. any ideas?
sorry EE hates tags
* omitted the missing "< p >"
I'm not really sure. After digging into your css and html a bit more, my only suggestion would be play with your positioning a bit, perhaps add position:relative; to your footer?

Sorry I can't be of much help :(
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Thanks! Works perfect.