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problem writing to nfs mount

I have a problem with an nfs mount and I'm at at wits end.

Let's say I have 3 servers....Server-A Server-B Server-C

On Server-A I have a folder /clients/redhat that I have in my exports
On Server-B I create a folder /clients/redhat and mount to Server-A
On Server-C I create a folder /clients/redhat and mount to Server-A

Here is the problem:

On Server-B I can go to /clients/redhat and create a directory foo either as root or regular user.then delete it.
On Server-C I go to /clients/redhat and try to make a directory bar (or anything else) as root or regular user and it says permission denied.

On Server-D I create an empty folder and mount it to Server-A and I can write without a problem.

I have no clue as to why I can't write to that folder from Server-C.
I did remove the mount and mounted it again on Server-C and still can't write to it.
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