windows server 2003 - cannot run exe, msi files

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when I try to run .exe or msi files on windows 2003 server, I am not able to.  I have to go to the file's properties and unblock something which I forgot.  After that, I am able to run.  

Is there a way to do this from the folder level and let it propagate?  Or make configuration somewhere?

Please advise.
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could be that the security settings dont allow unsigned programs, or even disallowed running from the local machine.
Check your security settings with control panel under internet options.
set your local machine in the safe site list and allow unsigned programs to run.
(its all dangerous)...


Thanks.  This make sense.

Would you show me the exact steps?  I already have https://localhost as a trusted site.  
the steps will depend on what and where you are trying to run.

If you give me the file, type, location and error when trying and I should be able to elaborate more.
But basically, there will be warning that tells you that its either an unsigned executable, or outside your trusted zone where you get to change the settings.
If its a permissions issue, again an appropriate message will be displayed..
The behavior you are describing is called "File Protection Control".  I forget when this was may have been SP2 of Windows 2003 or possibly it was with the release of R2.  In addition, this behavior is also seen on Vista SP1. can disable can really be annoying at times.

Open gpedit.msc then browse to the following:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager.

There are a couple of policies related to this feature, but to disable it you'll want to ENABLE the policy called "Do not preserve zone information in file attachments".
Here is a pic of the Group Policy object I was referring to.   Set it to "Enable".  Also, take a look at the description of the policy...very interesting.  


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