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Strange problem!!! --I can ping server, and I can access server by IP only, not hostname!!

Hi all experts

I got very strange problem...

hostname: fileserver (windows2003 standard edition sp2)
my machine: windowsxp-sp2

my machine (xpsp2) can ping fileserver(hostname) and ping
i can not use UNC path to access shared folder in fileserver,
ex:  \\fileserver
error message: \\fileserver network not fund

but I can use ipaddress to access shared folder
ex:\\ ------------success to open file.

other machines dont have this problem, only my machine have.
I have restarted computer, but the problem still have
I also put  fileserver into host file, but still doesnt work.

NO FireWall installed, only AVG 8.0 anti-virus installed in the machine

any help would be appreciated....
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