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Error Message "There is not enough memory to perform the requested operation"

Im developing an Access database and I randomly get the error message "There is not enough memory to perform the requested operation."  I have done compact and repair, compiled all my code and found no errors.  I even exported everything to a new database.  Eventually I get the same error but there is no clear cause because the error appears randomly when I try to save design changes.  No errors saving records, or modifying data, just every now and then I get the message when doing design work.  What causes this message?
Microsoft Access

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Hi yoducati,

Does it only happen when working with a specific form/report?
If so the form may be corrupt -2 approaches

1. Remove the module (has module=false) & then put the code back
2. Rebuild the form from scratch/bring it in from an old backup.

Good Luck!


Perhaps you are literally low on system memory.

Check the Memory Usage in Task manager when this problem occurs and when it does not.

Just as an example; My machine has 2GB Ram listed in Task Manager, In task manager I always have about 1.5GB available.
So that works out to about 75% of my memory free, and I donot get any errors.

The recommended memory for Windows XP and Office 2003 is 256 mb, but that is tight, so we will say 500mb.

That means at this minimum value you should have about 384mb free anytime you run. this database.

BTW: what size is the Database?

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Hi everyone.  Ill have to check on SP3 but I think that was recently installed and one of the IT guys said that itself could be the problem and that he thought there was a fix for it.  As far as the database itself is concerned its only 5mb and the error is not specific to one form.  Its happened in no discernable order and in many forms.  I know the IT guys checked on the memory thing and said I have plenty. Ive never had this problem before.
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I havent had a chance to install the fix for SP3 but several other people agree that is the cause.  Since I know its not memory or a corrupt form Im going to accept capricorn1's answer.   Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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I had this problem but the form doesn´t open even in design mode.
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a rapid application development (RAD) relational database tool. Access can be used for both desktop and web-based applications, and uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) as its coding language.

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