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How to configure NDMP on both EMC Celerra NS20 and Symantec Backup Exec version 12?

Hi guys,
If anyone can help me resolve this complex setup/configuration problem, you will be a genius!

Here is the scenario:
1. We recently purchased an LTO4 tape library from Dell --- Dell PowerVault LTO4 which has 2 drives inside. IT also has 2 fiber channel ports and 1 Ethernet port at the back.
2. This LTO4 tape unit is directly connected to an EMC Celerra NA20 NAS box via 2 multimode fiber cables. There are several FC ports at the back up this NAS box which acts as a built-in fiber channel switch. There are also 2 datamover servers, CIFS share, NFS shares inside this NAS box. The IP address  for the control station (mgmt enternet port) is The IP address for the datamover/CIFS share is
3. Currently we have a Symantec Backup Exec ver. 12 server running on a Windows Storage server 2003 -64bit for all the backup jobs. A Dell LTO3 tape library is directly connected to this backup server via iSCSI cable.
4. Our Goal is ---- To use the existing Symantec Backup Exec server to back up all the data on the NAS onto tapes inside the new LTO4 tape library.
5. My questions are:
a. Which ports should I plug the 2 fiber cables (from the LTO4 tape library) into at the back of the EMC Celerra NA20 NAS box?
b. We were told to use NDMP protocol to make the connection among all those devices. How to configure (step-by-step) the NDMP on the EMC Celerra NA20 NAS box, including any user account and password.
c. How to configure NDMP on the Backup Exec ver. 12 server to see the new LTO tape library and be able to back up the data on the NAS to this LTO4 tapes? Yes, we did purchase and install both the LEO key and the NDMP license from Symantec.
d. We failed to add the NDMP server to the Backup Exec server. Here is the error message --- Unable to validate the NDMP server at this time. Do you still want to add it?  see screenshot #1
e. If I click Yes and continue, I receive another error, saying failed to access the directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed   see screenshot #2
Please let me know if have a solution to this.
Thank you.

Note: see the attachment for screenshot #1 and screenshot #2

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