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Exchange queue stalling, no incoming E-mail, cannot restart smtp service

Hi Guys,

We have an intermittant problem where the messages pending submission queue fills up and the exchange 2003 server basically stops working.

It does not allow me to reset the SMTP service, I get a "did not reply in a timely manner" and I am required to reset the server (causing major annoyance to the users)

this morning it seems to have started at 4am, in checking the logs I found that at 4:00:01 AM there was this event.

Information store (4996) first storage group Online defragmentation is beginning a full pass on database D:\Program Files\exchsrvr\MBDATA\pub1.edb

I then get one at 4:01 telling me that the online defrag is completed,

then another event at 4:01 telling me that my public I have 4MB of data spare on my public folder after online defragmentation.

Is this an issue, does that imply that I only have 4mb of space avaliable on my public folder?

I am just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue.

Cheers guys
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