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Problems with folder access rights

We are having problems with file/folder access rights at a SBS 2003 customer. Office 2007 files are stored on a shared folder on the server and users have the write attribute set so that they can read and write to the excel, word etc files. This works except they are NOT getting the "this file is in use by user Joe and is hence read only" message when a file is opened by more than one user. This means they are not sure who has a file open prior to making changes. If we move some files to a share on one of the users PCs it all works perfectly and the "file in use" message appears accordingly when accessed by other network users.
The customer is also trying to use MYOB accounting software with the data on the server with a three user license and that does not work either on the server share but does on the workstation share.
I have tried the various security access rights settings but cannot change the situation.
Does anyone have any ideas?
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