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How do I uninstall SQL Server Reporting Services only

On our production server I tried the command:

start /wait setup.exe /qn INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER REMOVE=RS_Server

 The same command had worked on our test server (same s/w config), but on the production server it just pops up amessage box saying to use add/remove programmes. In there, there is no option possible to just uninstall Reporting Services - A dialog box appears showing RS as one of the components but nothing can be ticked or unticked?
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have seen the same issue on systems running Terminal Services..

uninstall terminal server...
uninstall reporting services..
reinstall terminal server..
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Sorry, we are running TS on the Test server as well and as I said the command worked ok there.

R. Jeff
Why do you want to uninstall it?  Its just a website and a database for all intents and purposes.  You can stop or delete the website if you are worrying about overhead on the server?
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Sorry, I should have said what the root problem is. Reports cannot be run or deployed because the Reporting Server is not initialised (it did work originally)... which seems to be some issue with the encryption keys getting corrupted. So basically I want to get back to a fresh Reporting Service setup and database.



The Initializing issue is typically because more than one SRS web app is pointing to the same DB.  Is that the case on yours?

If so you have to go into THAT other server and initialize it there.

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