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How can I move a BindingNavigator from one TabPage to another TabPage in the same TabControl

I have a TabControl with 5 TabPages. On each of those TabPages is an DatGridView. For easier navigation (e.g. Insert new record, delete record, save,...) I have created a BindingNavigator.
Now the question: I don't want to create an BindingNavigator on each of the TabPages. So, how can I move these one object between the Pages ?

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Hi Goran,
Thx , but this is a workaround, not the solution.
Any other Idea ?
:) Why would you say something like that? What should the solution look like? :) Lets repeat what you want:

- only one BindingNavigator for th all tab pages that is located inside the tab control.

For every control that we add to a container (in this case tabpage is a container), it is added to its containers Controls property. So, if a binding navigator is located on tabpage 0, and we want it on tabpage 1, we need to remove it from tabpage 0 Controls and add it to TabPage 1 Controls property  There is NO other way around if you want ONE binding navigator for all tab pages.

You can also place binding navigator outside the tab control.

Anyway, I find your whole approach wrong. Binding navigator is meant for one datasource only to work with, and here you will constantly need to change its data source.

How exactly did you think the solution will look like, I am curious :)

Sorry Goran,

your answer was correct. My fault.

No problem, I am glad I could help you.