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Getting the raw javascript code instead of Value after doing replace_html in RJS

I am ttrying to Update a field on my search result page thorugh in_place_edit and then render a partial to display the updated contents. I am receving the following instead od the real value

try { Element.update("first_name", "\n \u003Cspan class=\"in_place_editor_field\" id=\"copy_first_name_10115_in_place_editor\"\u003EAnkit Agarwal\u003C/span\u003E\u003Cscript type=\"text/javascript\"\

P.S. If i refresh the page manually  i get the correct Values as updated on the page.

Am attaching the code for the 4 files required to implement
1. The list of search results (view)
2. The controller contating the definition updateattribute
3. The updateattribute.rjs
4. _first_name.html.erb partial

# part of view showing search results
<%@people.each do |person|%>
<%if params[:first_name]="1"%><div id="first_name"><td><%unless person.first_name.blank?%>
 <%=@copyofperson = person; in_place_editor_field :copyofperson, :first_name, {}, :url => { :controller => 'person', :action => 'updateattribute', :id => } %>
#person controller
def updateattribute
  @person = Person.find(params[:id])
  i = params[:editorId]
  j = i.split("_")
  field_name = j.join("_")#Getting the field to be updated in field_name
  @person.update_attribute "#{field_name}", "#{params[:value]}"  
# updateattribute.rjs
page.replace_html 'first_name', :partial=>'first_name', :object=>@person
# _first_name.html.erb
<div class ="first_name">
<td><%=@copyofperson = @person; in_place_editor_field :copyofperson, :first_name, {}, :url => { :controller => 'person', :action => 'updateattribute', :id => } %></td>

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Try updating your rjs file to this.
# updateattribute.rjs
page.replace_html 'first_name', :partial=>'first_name', :object=>@person, :script=>true

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Prorbably i see whtas going wrong but please suggest me how to correct it.
I have noticed that the program works fine if it is the first entry in the table.
Trying to update any other table row brings out this error and the output comes in the cell of the first row. This could be because i am using a div  while looping through a table and so the program does not know which cell is being updated.
I am not sure whether it will be possible to use the div in such manner.
Please suggest me how can i overcome this problem.
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Thank you. I found this out in the mean time the response was made. your answer was acccurate.