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Access - Fill and read values from multiselect listbox

I wish to fill a listbox with vehicles, and let the user pick several of those vehicles.
The vehicles come from several different recordsets, so I just want to add values and not bind the listbox to a table/view. I'm adding the different vehicles into an array. The 'VehicleID' will be the position in the array.
So it breaks into two parts:

1) Add the Vehicles
I want to add 3 fields, as 3 columns in the list box.
VehicleID, VehicleReg,VehicleDescrip
How would I add these to the list box? A sample with just adding values will do, I know how to get them from the array

2) Read the multiselect
At the end, I want to know which VehicleIDs were selected. How do I do this?


Microsoft Access

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