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Help with File Names that Backup exec creates for backup jobs


Let me give you a brief overview with what I am doing to better understand this question. I have VMware ESX 3.5 (17 standalone foundation versions, w/ local storage). I currently use VMware Consolidated Backup with Backup Exec 11.0 D SP3 as our backup took to back-up all the VM's on file server. This File server acts as the virtual center server and the proxy server for backup exec. I can backup successfully without any problems and there is no issue with the current setup.

The issue I have is with backup exec. I create a new backup job and I change all the names for that job to be the server name of the virtual machine I am backing up. I do a disk-to-disk backup. The job runs fine and sucessful but the job doesnt make the file name the server name or the job name. so If I go back to see my backup file, I see something like B2D000001.bkf.

My problem is how can I change this file name so that it shows the job name or if I can specify the file name for this. I have being scratching my head all day y'day and finally I had to come to experts.  I hope someone over here can help with this problem

Thank you so much in advance.

Alex Abraham
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Thank you for your answer, I figure the same.

The reason why I wanted to have differenent file names is just to better located them when we have a disaster but again these are backup exec files and in order to restore them you would need backup exec, when you retore backup exec will pull up the server name you want to backup and not the file so this way I still can find which files belong to which server. Atleast thats what I think, didnt try a restore yet.

I could do different folders but I have virutalized almost 257 servers which will be insane for me to generate so many devices and folders. I think I will leave it at the same setup.

Thanks for your help

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