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Swing application


i'm new in developing swing applications and now i don't know how to handle my new development. My app will display a window with a JLabel, a JTextfield and a button. When user clicks on button, a new window will be displayed showing a list of JLabels kept from a bbdd query resultset. From this window, user could accept results showed and access to a new window or go back to the first window.

My question is: Is better to do all of this transitions in the same JFrame (removing elements or JPanels inside it) or is more practic to jump from one Jframe to another, removing the old one? What is most used in swing developing?

Thanks in advance!
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I think doing all the transitions in the same JFrame is very troublesome.

I've done some Swing development in the beginning of this year. I used one large JFrame, and each new screen was a JInternalFrame inside the JFrame. It made development much simpler.