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Arithmetic calculation in SQL Select not correct

select top 10 statspartner.campaignid, statsc.campaignname, statspartner.partnerid, statspartner.pdate,, statspartner.clicks, statspartner.actions, ((statspartner.actions / statspartner.clicks) * 100) as conversion from statspartner, statsc where statspartner.ProjectID = "14" and pdate = "07/16/08" and statspartner.clicks <> 0 and (statspartner.campaignid = statsc.campaignid) order by statsc.campaignname, clicks desc

In the above example if statspartner.clicks = 24209 and statspartner.actions = 72 then conversion should be equal to .297, but the output of the query displays "0".  If statspartner.clicks = 1, statspartner.actions = 1, conversion accurately displays "100".  Any other values for clicks/actions displays zero..
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Yes, they were.  I'd done calcs before, but I guess never ran into the INT issue previously..  Txs for the fast reply/solution!
declare @a int
declare @b int
select @a = 10;
select @b = 3
select @a/@b
results in 3
select convert(float,@a)/convert(float,@b)
results in 3.33333333