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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.2 hanging after multiple upgrades (Adobe, Symantec, WinXP-SP3).

I recently upgraded a user's laptop with multiple product (Adobe 8.1.2, WinXP-SP3, Symantec Endpoint Protection). Although he is able to open .pdf attachments, as soon as he tries printing (or even a printer setup), the application hangs. We eventually need to kill it, and some information we obtained is as follows;

Error Signature
   szAppName: AcroRd32.exe   szAppVer:   szModName: hungapp
   szModeVer:   offset: 00000000

Error Report Contents

When I launch the Adobe application as user: Administrator (Right-click Adobe icon and select "Run as"), it works fine. The user (wally), however is also a member of the Administrator group. I checked to see what other groups the user (Administrator) might belong to, there was one (Debugger users) which I tried adding user (wally) to as well, but this did not help.

I suspect a permissions issue, but am at a loss as to what to do next,
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