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Event ID 13508

Sorry a bit of a long problem

I've started to get the following error on my primary DC over the last few days.

Event ID 13508
Source NtFrs
The file replication service is having trouble enabling replication from DC2 to DC1 for c:\windows\sysvol\domain using the DNS name DC2.domain.local FRS will keep retrying following are some of the reason you would see this warning

1, FRS can not correctly resolve the DS name DC2.domain.local from this computer
2, FRS is not running on DC2.domain.local
3, The topology information in the AD for this replication has not yet replicated to all the DC

This event log message will appear once per connection. After the problem is fixed you will see another event log message indicating that the connection has been establised.

This is getting reported once a day around lunch time and not being followed up with an Event ID 13509

I have confirmed on both DC's that DNS lookup is correct and I am able to ping each server in both directions, FRS is running on both servers and AD seems to be ok.

Each server has a SYSVOL, however when I create a new text file in c:\windows\Sysvol\Sysvol\domain\scripts\ on my primary server it does not get replicated to the secondary.

Checks that I have already tried

ntfrsutl versions DC(1/2).domain.local - All looks ok
repadmin /showrepl - All looks ok

\domain\domain controllers\DC - Only Primary DC has a NTFRS Subscriptions ?
\domain\system\file replication services - looks ok

When I run dcdiag I get 1 failed test which is FRSevent on the primary but not the secondary, When I run netdiag the only failure I get is Default Gateway Test but this would be due to the firewall/gateway configure not to responde to a ping.

I'm a bit stuck on where to check next, any help would be greatly received.

Thanks for you time.
Windows Server 2003

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