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Error Building Offline Address Book

I am in the process of trying to get our issues worked out with Exchange2003.  Currently running on Windows 2k3 Server SP2, with Exchange 2k3 SP2.

I have Outlook clients that are not able to download the updated address book.  The OAB is set to update at 5am daily, and I cannot get the address book to update.  Here is a snapshot of what I am working with:

The new Exchange Server was installed clean to a new server, and the mailbox store migrated before I started.  Exchange was running on a different server, but it was only decommissioned, not taken down and removed totally.  In the ESM, I can still see the 2 distinct servers, and bot of them appear to be starting.  My question is:  Is there something that needs to be pointed to the new server and taken off the old server?  When I try to rebuild the address book, I get this message:

MAPI or an unspecified service provider.
ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000

Id no: c1050000
Exchange System Manager

When I go to the clients to try to download the address book, I get the following error:  Task "" reported error (0x8004011D) not available.  Contact your administrator if the issue persist"

Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?  I looked through a couple MSKB articles I found on a couple other similar postings, but, this seems to be a weird rare case, as the articles referenced a registry setting, (which there is no key for that on my server) and a file server, that doesnt exist on te client or the production server either.

Here is a snapshot of the sync errors being generated that all clients are getting:

9:02:48 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6300
9:02:48 Synchronizing Mailbox '%user%'
9:02:48 Done
9:02:48 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
9:02:48              Not downloading Offline address book files.  The public folder server could not be reached.
9:02:48       0X8004011D
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in ESM, check the offline address book settings. is it pointing to the old server or the new server?
if it is the old server, then you need to point it to the new server?
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Default Offline address List is pointing to the correct server
what errors do you get in the application logs when you do a rebuild of the OAB on the server?
is exchange still installed on the old server or is it gone?
were system folders replicated to the new server?
are users able to access public folders via outlook?
In Event Viewer I get :  The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000

Event ID 9175

Exchange does have some services still running on the old server.  It looks as though the mailbox store was moved, and that was it.  I have heard rumors that Exchange is difficult to decommission correctly, so my guess is it was migrated and left alone.

Were the system folders replicated?  My guess is yes.  Exchange is happily running on the new server, its just causing lots and lots of sync errors with the address book, these are the only sync errors I'm seeing so far.

Yes, public folders are working, however, when I changed the default address list from the old server to the new one, the public folders stopped working......I changed it back and now the public folders are working.  It appears that there are more issues than meet the eye.
how was the mail store moved?
were the mailboxes moved over to the new server?
How it was moved unfortunately I cannot tell you.  I have only been here a month or so, and I am not sure how they were moved.  The mailboxes are all under the new server, but the public folders are still apparently running on the old server.
so, the public folders were not replicated across to the new server?
check the properties of the mailbox store on the new server which has all the mailboxes
what is the default public folder store mentioned there?
is the default address book mentioned there?
>when I changed the default address list from the old server to the new one, the public folders stopped working

what do you mean by this?
Properties of the New mailbox store confirm that it is pointing to the new server, and the OAB is pointing to Default Offline Address List
can you check the OAB system folder settings in ESM and check if it has a replica on the new server?
steps are in
I found the systems folders, and I see the OAB folder, but when I try to hit the properties I get a pop up that says no properties are available for this object
For the comment above:

>when I changed the default address list from the old server to the new one, the public folders stopped working

what do you mean by this?

What I did was find the Default Address List, and saw it was mapped to teh old server, when I mapped it to the new one, the folders stopped working on teh client side.  So I restored it to the original value of the old server and then the folders started functioning again.
is the public folder store mounted on the old server?
are you able to check the OAB properties from the old server?
Yes, the public folder store is mounted to the old server.
I can see the properties of the OAB from the old server, and if I try to rebuild it, it rebuilds without error, but errors out if I change it to the new server.  Regardless, I tried to rebuild the OAB from the old server and then tried to download it, but the Outlook client generated an error trying to download it
Heres what the syn messages look like if it helps
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Thank you for the help, I can't remember where, but I was referred to this Microsoft KB article and after completing the steps in the article the OAB began to update and sync without issues, it appears that all I have left to do is to uninstall Exchange from our old server, and this will complete the final step in the migration process that was left open.

Thank you for all the help!