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Export and Import from Active Directory

Hello experts,

I need to export information from one Active Directory and to import it into another Active Directory. The first one has a number of organizational units, groups, users, etc and the second one is a clean AD (just default users and groups). I don't have access to the first AD but can send instructions to the owner of that domain. I have access to the second AD.

The thing is that I already got one export from the first AD but I was not able to import it into the second AD. The export was made with the LDIFDE.EXE command line tool. When I got the export file I first replaced the name of original domain with the name of domain on second server. I then executed next command to import the data: ldifde -i -f exportfile.ldf -s secondaddomain.com. When I executed the statement I got an error saying: "Add error on line 1: No Such Object. The server side error is "Directory object not found."". I searched for solution on the net but the only thing I was able to figure out is that I probably don't have some organizational units on the server where I tried the import.

So my question is what the rigth approach for export and import would be in this case? Should I instruct the other party to export organizational units first (and how) and then to export the rest (groups and users)?

I would appriciate any kind of help.

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