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Fatal Error during SP3 network installation via GPO

I'm getting several errors when trying to deploy SP3 to a Windows XP SP2 computer from a Server 2003 domain controller.  I've disabled the firewall on the client and assigned full control to authenticated users to the share where the update.msi is located.  The software package installation location has been defined as \\servername\share\update.msi as well.  The errors I am receiving are:
1. The install of application Windows XP Service Pack 3 (1033) from policy SP3 failed.  The error was : Fatal error during installation.
2.  Failed to apply changes to software installation settings.  Software changes could not be applied.  A previous log entry with details should exist.  The error was : Fatal error during installation.
3.  The Group Policy client-side extension Software Installation failed to execute. Please look for any errors reported earlier by that extension.
I've searched and searched and the only solution I've found is assigning read+write access to the share for authenticated users.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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