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HP1600 toner covering page problem

I have a HP1600 colour laserjet and it has recently started covering the pages I print with a faint dusting of toner, giving the page a black/grey background.  I have investigated further and opened the printer during a print and can see that each of the colours is adding a layer of dust to the paper all the way across which at the end creates a grey coating which is then fused to the paper.

I think it must be the transfer belt that is causing this, but I am not well versed enough with the way a laser works to appreciate why, or what I can do about it other than spending more money that the printer is worth to replace that part!  

Can anyone suggest a way to fix the problem?  The transfer belt is also covered in a light covering of toner, can I clean this off? should I use a chemical?  I have blown the whole thing out with some compressed air but this has not helped.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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I would remove all the toner and transfer assy and look for a lost sheet of paper. If not that then try a new transfer assy. If it was one colour only I would say replace that one toner. But all colours seems to indicate something else.
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Thanks guys, I checked and there is no lost paper in there, also the density was max and I tried adjusting any relevant settings but to no avail.

It is all of the cartridges that seem to contribute to the background mess as if the print is stopped as the paper passes over the colours there is a rainbow of different colours.  I think the problem must lie with the toner cartridges but it seems odd that ALL would be "leaking" out too much toner?!

It the printer connected to a power strip? if so try it directly to the wall insted. You can also check the outlet for a bad ground with a volt meter. you should have 120v accross the top of the plug and 120v from the right side to the ground  and .5 volts or less if you have more than .5 accross groung this can cause a static build up making the toner jump over to the belt or paper.

sorry .5 or less chould be from the left side to the ground hole in the plug