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Old emails went out again 1 month later after the original sending date

Hi all,

A user reported today that she was recieving replies to an email she sent out May 30th 2008, with people wondering why she had emailed them again. This was a huge email blast she did to let clients know about an upcoming save the date. The server decided to email out, close to 1000 emails, those emails once again today for no particular reason. The message tracking utility shows them coming from the user who originaly sent them and it looks like it has followed the same procedure as any other email being submitted through the queues.  

This has happened to us before but it was with another user, same server, and it was a bunch of old emails dating back almost a year. This was different as it was an email blast, same message, sent to many people. When it was originally sent, the email went out without a problem. I was never able to track down the problem before,  it use to happen only after a restart, and it only happened 2 times. I have restarted this server many times after this and never had any problems with it. But now this.

I'm running Windows 2003 with Echange 2003 both with SP2.

The user also mentioned that she logged into the computer she origanlly sent the emails from today and this started happening. She had not logged into that computer since she sent out the original blast. That doesn't sound just like a coincidence to me!

Suggestions/help/advice/rope to hang myself with are all welcome and appreciated!

ExchangeWindows Server 2003

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