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PCs getting stuck on loading personal settings. When unpluged they do not get stuck with a pre-existing user.

Have about 25 PCs running XP SP2. About 12 of them are sometimes crashing. After a reboot, it takes a long time to log on, sometimes 20 to 40 minutes. It seems to be getting hung on loading personal settings. This is true with both preexisting profiles and first time logons. If I unplug the network cable, it does not get hung on loading personal settings. Removing all group policy had no effect.

Yesterday I removed the group policies, I then ran Sysprep on them, I reset them and added them back to the domain. Then I added back the group policies. They all ran great for a day even with multiple reboots and heavy use. The next day the same problem is back.

Windows Server 2003

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