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Access 2007 slow on terminal server

We have recently installed Microsoft office 2007 on our terminal server.  All of the applications are very fast apart from Access.  This is especially noticeable when typing into forms where there is a several second lag before what ypu type appears.  The terminal server this is installed on is Windows server 2003 Enterprise edition.

There are plenty of resources available on the TS with lots of spare RAM and processing capacity.  Before we upgraded to office 2007 Access 2000 ran at a good speed without any issues.

The issue only occurs for users who are connecting to our TS using actual terminals.  If you open up a TS session from a desktop PC the issue doesn't occur.  This speed issue occurs on both our HP and Relisys terminals regardless of firmware version.

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Do you have the databse split into front/back end? Not sure why this would slow down after upgrade but splitting the database will help.
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Since TS sessions are simply screenshot/keyboard transfers, I'd suspect that your issue lies in the performance capabilities of the terminals. 2007 is a heckuva lot more power hunger than 2000 ever thought about, and can be a serious memory hog.
I don't have 2007 so I was not sure on that part.
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I don't think splitting the database up will help as even if you start a new DB the slow delayed typing starts streight away even when there is no data in it.

The TS currently has 12 GB of RAM in and rarly uses over 4GB of this, there is also plenty of spare processing capacity.  All other access programs such as word excel ect are lightening fast.  They load and work even faster that our latest desktop PC's.  It seems to be an issue with Access 2007 only.
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We have two types of terminal.  One is a Relisys RWT100 which has an SIS 550 processor in running at 200MHz.  The other is a HP which has a via eden processor running at 800MHz.  Both of these have a DRAM size of 64MB.

I have tried turning off the options mentioned above and these havn't had any effect.  
Are the terminals side-by-side with the desktops? Or are they on a different network or in a different location?

If they're side by side, using the exact same route to the TS (with the obvious exception of the NIC card and cabling to the router), then I'd still say you have some issues with performance on the terminals.

If they're NOT, and they go through different hardware paths to access the server, then you also may want to look into this. Check cables, routers, switches etc for packet loss, connection drops etc etc. There are several utilities which can do this for you, but i'm no hardware expert and couldn't tell you which is best.
Yes the terminals go through the same switches as the desktop PC's.  The HP terminals are a lot faster than the slower Relisys ones but still have a delay on typing.  If you open up an RDP connection from the terminal to a PC running access you get the same delay.  We tryed using one of our spare relisys terminals with a linux OS on which was once purchased for testing and this didn't experiance any delay at all when using Access.

We have found that a recently created access DB which uses an SQL DB as the back end seems to work without any delays.  
We have now resolved this issue by switching off the status bar in the Database's

Access options > current database > Display status bar (untick).
You guys ROCK! I have been developing an inventory control program in Access 2007 for over a year and planned to use the Panasonic CF-08 terminal. The CF-08 has the same specs as the terminals you are using and RDP performance was very poor, EXACTLY as you described here. I too was sure it had to be lack of horsepower in the terminal. Turned off the status bar and terminal RDP performance is just as fast as desktop.