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EPUWALControl.dll EPUImageControl class causing iexplorer to crash

I am running with Vista Home Premium, fresh install. No viruses etc.
I had a problem using ebays enhanced picture service, everytime I opened it and tried to upload a photo it would crash iexplorer.  The error details pointed towards the file EPUWALControl.dll. This is an active x download from ebay, which has some security flaws however that does not concern me. I looked for the file in Tools>Internet Explorer> View Objects. I cannot see the EPUImageControl class or this file.
However in explorer when I go to Tools > Internet Options > Programs Tab and Manage Add ons, the EPUImagaeControl class is listed there but I cannot delete it, only disable it!
The wierd thing is my hubbys profile works fine! My Vista laptop runs fine...
Can anyone help me locate the EPUWALControl.dll file or the EPUImageControl class and delete it, in order to re-download the Active x off ebay?

I have deleted browsing history.....etc etc

Any help appr
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