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Looking for help converting from an XP Pro workgroup to an SBS2003 domain.


Next week we will be converting a small (8 user) XP Pro workgroup to an SBS 2k3 domain.  I have done this once before, but ran into a few profile issues on the workstations... namely the existence of _sbs_netsetup_ profiles and user.000 user.domain.000 profiles when the add pc wizard was complete.  We got through the issues, but not as smoothly as I had hoped (had to reinstall Microsoft Office suites).

What I am hoping to find is a list of 'gotcha's' for this type of conversion.  Again, not overly complicated, but not a new install... the pc's have all been working in the workgroup for a few years now.

Does anyone have any advice?



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Rob Williams

8/22/2022 - Mon