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multiline in label in classic asp

i am doing validations and i am showing error message in a label.
i want to show multiple messages in same label.
now i am showing "enter phone number" as error message
i want to show
enter phone number
enter street address
in label in different lines.
using classic asp
thank you
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can you give us a sample what you are looking for?
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dim shower
If error1 = "phone" Then
            shower = "enter phone number"
      End If
i can display this,i want to show like this.if these 2 validations are false then display error messages in differnt lines
If error1 = "Phone" And error1 = "stadd" Then
            shower= "enter phone"
                                           shower= "enter street address"
      End If  
can i use shower 2times as in above code or not?
i declared another variable and used as below,but its not workin
dim shower1,shower
If error1 = "Phone" And error1 = "stadd" Then
            shower= "enter phone"
                                           shower1= "enter street address"
      End If  

plz help!!

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