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How can I create a batch file to add these keys at startup?

Last Modified: 2010-04-21
I am trying to create a batch file that will install these reg keys without needing a confirmation each time. Basically I want them to run silently, but it's not a big deal if the batch is seen installing, just that no user interaction is needed. Here's what I have:

regedit.exe C:\batch\dispensing.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Clinic.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Beulah.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Eclaims.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Hospital.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Timecared.reg

regedit.exe C:\batch\Workstation.reg
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Have you tried '-s'?


Create a .BAT file and put the following code in there:
regedit C:\batch\dispensing.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Clinic.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Beulah.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Eclaims.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Hospital.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Timecared.reg /s
regedit C:\batch\Workstation.reg /s


I did try "-s" but on a tut I found it told me to input it as "[-s]" and it didn't seem to work. When I just ran that script it would still ask for confirmation and it would install the key, but a follow up error would occure saying "cannot install -s" or something to that extent.
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Thanx! I've never done this before and it was driving me nuts with no good tutorials I could find.
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