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Moving hosts and domain names, must keep e-mail

My title might be a bit difficult to follow, so I will spell this out really clearly.  I have a site hosted at olddomain.com that we currently get e-mail though a hosted provider.  I have set up newdomain.com and have that as a duplicate of olddomain.com.  I want to cancel that hosting and have olddomain.com point to newdomain.com.  I also want to move the registrar so that I have everything under one account.  The hangup that I have are the mxrecords for olddomain.com.  I want to make sure that we can still get e-mail through that domain using our hosted providor.  

I assume that I need to initiate the domain transfer first, then once the domain is transferred then I would update the MX records for olddomain.com at the new registrar and then set the pointer to newdomain.com.  Am I missing anything or should that do it.  Thanks.
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