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Using shared mailbox "sent items" folder

I've set up a shared mailbox and have granted my users "send as" permission so they can send emails as that user.  Outlook clients are configured to open this shared mailbox using the "open additional mailboxes" facility in tool --> email accounts.

This works well. Only problem is sent mail is stored in each persons "Sent Items" folder. We want a consolidated view showing all mail sent regardless of who sent it.

Is it possible to configure exchange/outlook to store sent emails in the shared mailbox "sent items" folder instead of each persons "sent items".

Thanks in advance.  Regards, Peter
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Sorry my users don't want to use profiles, or sent on behalf of.  We've decided to drag and drop mail items between sent folders.  Not ideal but it works.  Thanks for your help.
Regards, Peter.
I have to agree with robsantos.  You have three options and I am having to deal with the same thing for my company.
Option 1 - Setup another outlook mail profile as that other account.  There will not be any problems with sent, deleted or sent on behalf.  When you open outlook you are prompted to select a profile (you have to set this up from control panel > mail > show profiles, select prompt for a profile to be used.
Option 2 - Use IvaSoft's UniSent COM Add-in for Microsoft Outlook - .  This is not free and I haven't tried it yet either but it is kinda pricey.
Option 3 - Use drag and drop method between sent, deleted folders.

I plan to implement the outlook profile option due to not spending money right now.  The drag and drop option is definitely not working for us and we had a macro in place too but it is very unreliable.  We have tried using our Exchange webmail for the users to login as this generic account and there are problems with opening attachments and a hassle to the users to get into the webmail.  Our users use Office 03 and 07.  We have too many people doing too many different things and nobody wants to work together, lucky me, I have to get everyone to do the same thing.