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Creating a new instance in SQL Express 2005

This question is as simple as it seems.

I have SQL Express 2005 on my Win2k3 SBS box.  I want to create a new instance that another program can attach to.  How do I do that?  For MSDE, I could run this:

setup sapwd="password" instancename="WSUS"

What is the SQL Express 2005 equivalent?

More background -
I'm installing Blackberry Professional on my Win2k3 SBS box.  It requires a SQL database.  When I try to create a new instance using MSDE, it fails.  I have troubleshot that for hours and now I just want to try SQL Express 2005.  But I can't create an instance.  I have looked and looked for a simple answer to that question and found nothing.

Please don't just send me to a link - put the relevant text in your answer.  Thank you
Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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