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Outlook profile won't load. Multiple profiles on TS box

Hi Experts,
We have a server farm of 5 Metaframe XP servers.  MS Office XP installed and published on Windows 2000 server running in a Windows 2003 AD, on an ESX VM 3.5 box.

Roaming TS profiles set up for each user in AD.  Profiles should be copied during logon onto the Citrix box then copied back to each users Home directory at logoff.  Then, as I understand it, the cached profile on the Citrix box should be deleted.  This is not completely happening as the profile is left on the Citrix box, though most of the files in it are deleted.

When the users login, another profile is added to the citrix box, eg... profile.domain.001, profile.domain.002, profile.domain.003, etc.

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