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Exchange 2003 Mail Routing Issues

I have a problem with a customers Exchange 2003 environment. They currently have 4 Exchange servers (2 x Exchange 2000 & 2 x Exchange 2003) all in the same administrative group and Exchange org. When the systems were located all on same subnet /LAN everything worked fine.

We have now moved the 2 Exchange 2003 servers to an offsite Data centre which is connected to the main office via a VPN on a 10meg link. The Data Centre network is on a separate subnet but all ports are open and the necessary routes are all in place and working.

Before the move we had a couple of mailboxes on the Exchange 2003 servers and tested mail flow internally and externally without any problems. Now they are on the new subnet, internal mail being sent from mailboxes on the different subnets consistently gets stuck in the queues i.e mail from the main office sent to mailboxes at the Data centre get stuck and vice versa.

The main office has the SMTP connector and oddly mail sent externally routes fine.

I have used WinRoute and the best practices tool and both show no errors in connectivity.

A couple of reasons I have thought of is that there is currently no domain controller on the Data Centre subnet. Also would it have been better to have setup the Exchange 2003 servers in a separate Administrative group and created the appropriate routing groups between the subnets?

Any help would be most appreciated
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This could be a DNS issue can you ping from each server to the other servers by hostname?
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Hi Saineolai,

Thanks for the quick response

Pinging the servers via hostname in both directions works fine. Like I said I have used a couple of tools to check connectivity and all came back as OK.
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Are there any event log messages in the application logs?  
Have you restarted the exchange services on the servers which have not moved?
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Nothing in the application event logs
I think the services have been restarted but will arrange to do again to be sure.
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You can still use different routing groups in the same admin group.
This could also be an issue with MTU and VPN Ipsec. Can you copy files ok over the VPN link?
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Thanks for the answers all.

I have arranged to bounce the 2 Exchange sevrvers in the mail office over the weekend, to confirm the Exchange services have been restarted since the move.

mrwolf - File copy's across the vpn work fine. I have had the logs checked on the PIX and can't see any drops.

gupnit - If the reboots do not sort tomorrow I will do as you suggested and try creating the RG's.

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I have rebooted both Exchange servers in the main office but internal mails still fail to get delivered.
Here are the message track logs:
21/07/2008 17:51  SMTP Store Driver : Message Submitted from Store
21/07/2008 17:51  SMTP: Message Submitted to advanced queuing
21/07/2008 17:51 SMTP: Started Messafe submission to Advanced Queue
21/07/2008 17:51 SMTP: Message Submitted to Categorizer
21/07/2008 17:51 SMTP Message Categorized and queued for routing
21/07/2008 17:51 SMTP: Message Routed and Queued for Remote Delivery

At this point the messages just sit in one of the default SMTP Virtual Server queues doing a retry (oddly the name of queue is a GUID and not the server name?)
If I then force a connection the message tracking shows the following but the message never reachs the recipients mailbox:

21/07/2008 17:55 SMTP: Started Outbound Transfer of message
21/07/2008 18:06 SMTP: Message transferred to ***********************************....

My next step is to try RG connectors ....

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