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Sending Mail Disguised as Another Email Using Exchange 2003

We have a new intern, and our sales team wants him to send emails from his PC, but make it look like it's coming from their email addresses.  For instance.  The interns email address is, but we want him to be able to send a few emails from,, and

I'm the network administrator, and I manage our Exchange 2003 server, but I'm unaware of how to do something like this.  Is it even possible?  Thanks

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you could:
a) just login as salesA, salesB, or salesC so that their outlook profile will be right there and send the mail
b) if you don't want to log out and back in, create a new profile in outlook for salesA, salesB, and salesC and setup the exchange account for each of them.  When opening outlook to send the mail, select the appropiate profile to send from.
c) if you don't need to receive mail on the sales accounts, setup a new SMTP account (well, POP, but you just need the SMTP for sending) using your exchange server as the mail host and claiming you are salesA (another for B and so on).  Then when sending a new mail, select the proper account on the "From:" line

Did you visit that site recently, I cant get it to open.  I've never used the send as or send on behalf of features and would like to look at them myself.
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your links do not work
Yes, both links work... Just checked / verified on multiple ISPs..  Here are optional links..,289483,sid43_gci1103948,00.html
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I want to use your C choice.  I tried adding their email address in Active Directory, under USER properties>Email Addresses>NEW SMTP address but it said the following:

"The Email Address Already Exists in this Organization"
If you want to use method C, why even bother with Exchange, any mail server could do that. People go with exchange for the enhanced features of the MAPI client.  If all you want is pop/smtp mail you coulda saved a bunch of money and gone with
sorry, i meant on the client machine, in outlook.  So intern would be logged into outlook, and from tools > accounts you would setup a POP account that uses your exchange server as the host.  Just use the address of the other user for the account.  the plus side here to my other suggestions is that you could add a dozen pop accounts and at the drop-down from menu select who you are sending as without even closing outlook.

the better answer though (especially from the security point of view) is the send on behalf of that LegendZM posted.

no need to get defensive, must have been a hosting error as buckstaff and I both were unable to get to for a bit there (to be exact, the host was alive but not responding)
Ruscal, not getting defensive, just merely pointing out that pop / smtp isn't necessarily secure, and could have been achieved without paying the amount for the rich features you get in exchange.
agreeded there
Back to the situation at hand. Buckstaff, you're getting the error "The Email Address Already Exists in this Organization" because the email address DOES already exist as it's associated to a user account already.